About Us

Dong Duong Mechanical Automation Co. Ltd (DMA) was established in 2006. Activities in the field of manufacturing and engineering trade. Specifically:

  • Consultancy design-manufacturing equipment industry.
  • Manufacturing production line plaster powder.
  • Manufacturing production line paint and oil paint.
  • Manufacturing production line Terazzo brick.
  • Manufacturing production line plaster powder for lightweight brick and mortar construction projects.
  • Quantitative system, measuring in industrial automation.
  • Fabrication-Belt, Conveyor, Vis loading, bucket load.
  • Manufacturing machenical details, machine parts exactly.
  • Provide Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic equipment.
  • Installation of industrial electrical control panel.
  • Get the production, design, installation, PLC programs for automated machines.
  • Manufacturing Tank material SUS